Why did you choose the guard/s that you use today?

I am a guy of average build but have pretty stocky legs. Because of this, I have to be very mindful of the guards I add to my game.

I am primarily a knee shield half player but I also do a little of SLX (for sweeps) and butterfly (for leg entries), I think those are good guards for stubbier dudes like myself as they require very little athleticism and my legs will not be a hindrance lol. I am trying to build a system to combine the 3 and it’s been a super fun process so far.

Why did you choose the guard that you use?

I am a huge fan of butterfly guard.

I’ve started worrying a lot more about stacking/spinal pressure. A lot of bigger guys (I’m 185) can put an annoying amount of pressure even just from your closed guard.

Butterfly hooks absord the weight and tension, and allow almost all game plans - classic butterfly sweep, arm drag/back take series, front headlocks transitions, and of course leg/ashi entries.

I almost never keep my guard closed anymore unless I’m really not able to work my game and get stuck there.

Yes, exactly why I love it too! Very fun guard with tons of utility.