Which hidden gem (person) have you been learning from?

I know this is sort of a secret for most. But i’m willing to share one of mine for yours… Deal?

There’s a lot of Black Belts out there, and we all know the famous ones. But most practitioners don’t really talk about the not-so-famous yet extremely amazing ones that have styles that are truly game-changers. There’s so many world class black belts out there that are truly enlightening to watch and learn from.

You can share yours in this format:

Who: Demian Maia
Why: His JiuJitsu is super underrrated yet flawless.
Specific thing you liked: His tutorial on the armbar from side control He may not be able to relay his techniques that well but the way he shows and approaches it is amazing!

Who’s yours? :grin:

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Who: Lachlan Giles

Why: He has an excellent way of breaking down technique without the usual verbose delivery seen in other great teachers (Like Danaher and Ryan Hall). Personally they are the top 3 guys that have helped me understand the game conceptually, but Lachlan’s personal style just resonates with me as it is very concise and to the point.

Specific thing you liked: His side control escape tutorial on Youtube is excellent! Lots of small details are covered and he gave a lot of answers to common “what if” scenarios.

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Maia is a dying breed. It’s strange how there are so few top bjj guys in the highest ufc rankings. Hopefully things like CJJ and other nogi grind out top level UFC fighters.
Personally I think Gordon Ryan would get smashed in the UFC as he is today.

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Indeed @Jego . But we will never know until we actually see him. Demian Maia’s Jiujitsu in competition is what I want to see. Hopefully, he busts out a modern age version here in GOLD BJJ! :slight_smile:

@ymas108 You sir picked an excellent guy. That guy is amazing, i’m one of his avid viewer too!

He explains clearly and straight forward from his videos.

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I’m a little shy to share this because you might judge me or something but my favorite gem of all the ones I’ve been following/studying would be:

Who: Gezary Matuda
Why: Fast and fierce style of fighting (at least that’s how I describe it)
Specific thing I liked: I can never forget her Polaris fight where she submitted Nicolini by armbar in 12 seconds. :star_struck:

But the main athlete that really inspires me to roll every time is Angela Lee. That Twister and Anaconda choke is on top of my list of moves to master. She recently lost to Nicolini though but it’s all good. Overall, these BJJ and MMA female fighters are just so badass and amazing that I wish someday I’d be at least half as good as them and that hopefully it’s not too late for my age. :sweat_smile:

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Saw Matuda Vs Ffion Davies it was super intense and both were really good. I think Gezary did roll chasers in Boracay a few months ago. Kinda expensive though.


Awesome! @Sky

I’m guessing you have a thing for nogi and the brutality of it. :laughing: Most of your inspiration do moves that are usually done in a non-IBJJF setting :smile:

It is indeed expensive, some of my teammates considered going to… But alas, where is the cash?! LOL

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Oh man that arm triangle was just :scream::star_struck::heart_eyes:. Held my breath during that fight from the sheer excitement of it all. :laughing:

Yeah and I think they’re bringing roll chasers to the lovely surf paradise island that is Siargao sometime this November. I wanted to sign up but the rates are crazy expensive for me. The amount their asking for is enough to cover 2 months of living, surfing, and partying expenses there actually. :sweat_smile: I don’t really earn that much so that’s going to be just a distant dream for now. :blush:

Actually, I love both the gi and nogi techniques. :grin:

But, I do tend to retain more of the nogi techniques because I think it’s more applicable to me, being a frail female and all. I’ve had my fair share of creeps during my pre-bjj days and I want to be ready if ever I encounter another one in the future. :smile:

And also, I love watching MMA! Watching the fighters on One FC, UFC, and Bellator eventually inspired me to try combat sports. I’ve had an amazing journey so far with Muay Thai, Boxing, and a little bit of Judo, and now that I’ve been focusing more on BJJ, my physical and mental health just keeps getting better and better. :black_heart:

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This is what’s important at the end of the day. Awesome work @Sky :call_me_hand:


Agree. This is what we all aim for, isn’t it? :smiley: