Which do you prefer to focus on: Technique or Concept?

There’s this long-standing idea that techniques are the things that actually make us improve. Of course, aside from “showing up” and training at least 2 to 3 times a week to get the right amount of muscle memory and retain the movement and make it natural (something I like to call ‘groove’)

More often than not, people refer to these certain movements as technique. But what does it really take to improve?

  • Is it memorizing a technique and drilling it to be able to execute it?
  • Is it understanding the concept behind the technique enough that if the movement doesn’t really go your way, you’d be able to adjust accordingly and still execute it?

There are alot of things to consider still. To me, this is what it actually boils down to. Is it your technique? or your understanding behind it?

I actually vote for the latter. What do you think?

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I always lean towards concept. Understanding the underlying science on a position speaks to the way I learn things. For me, having a solid grasp of the concept minimizes mistakes and can help a new student in understanding how different moves chain from another.

Learning techniques is good and too (I’ve experienced many training partners learn this way), but it doesn’t work for me.