What's his potential? - Dillon "El Jefe" Danis

  • Future MMA superstar
  • Good but cringe
  • McGregor wannabee
  • Never heard of him

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I might be in the minority here, but i LOVE Dillon. His shtick is hilarious and is a masterful grappler with a slick kneebar. I hope he gets a chance at the Bellator belt at some point :sweat_smile:.

He hasn’t had a real challenge rock him at bellator yet. They’re building him up for a big fall. Also Marcelo doesn’t have the best track record in students based on achievement. There’s Bernardo Faria but I can’t think of anyone else.

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They are building him up slowly I think, but I agree that they need to give him a tougher challenge in his next fight.

Marcelo does have a lot of beasts in his gym, at least in pure grappling. Diniz, Tinoco, Lutes and Grippo (he does go to Alliance HQ at times) are all world class competitors. In the context of MMA it’s a much different story though.

I wanted to vote “Who the fook is that guy?” so bad.

My opinion on the matter, doesn’t really matter… :laughing: But if you ask me, McGregor tried to pull a fast when he thought Dillon Danis was the guy just because at the time he thought this kid was winning everything. This in turn inflated Danis’ ego and got him exiled from MG Academy.

My final say: McGregor should’ve picked another mentor, maybe some of his fights wouldn’t go the way they went. (Choked out… Twice)

This… all coming from… yes… a McGregor fan. :sob: :laughing:


Hey man, don’t sleep on McGregor’s grappling. He was holding his own against Diaz and Khabib initially, but those two are a couple of the best grapplers in UFC. Khabib is probably one of the best in the world.

Look objectively at his grappling, he’s doing okay.


Conor and his crew (Lobov & Danis) have been absolutely GOLD as far as entertainment is concerned lol. I used to hate Conor but I’ve grown to like him, he is undeniably one of the most influential fighters of the last decade.


I started liking him more after seeing the notorious documentary.

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Agreed. It’s just that compared to his hype of himself (Conor) and Dillon, so far anything with regards to grappling has not really been that visible. Mostly, he has showcased his striking more than any of his grappling. Sad really. I just wish he took a different mentor, cause i’m a big McGregor fan and the way he thinks. (Except his trash talk) :laughing:

High five! I’m a huge McGregor fan as well, even if most of my friends hate him because he’s “too cocky”. His striking is excellent for sure, that goes without question. But I agree that he needs to level up his grappling skills.

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:smile: Side note: Try to watch his Law of Attraction vids. May not mean much to some, but the mindset actually works! Aside from his losses in the Octagon. Look at his stature in life now, he is literally on top of the world and single-handedly took the MMA game and gave it value. Before fighters were earning 50k-100k USD. Now they’re earning close to half a mil.

He’s a trendsetter: