What’s your opinion on the comment made by Keenan Cornelius in regards to berimbolo not working?

There’s been a bit of a stir up in the competition bjj community after Keenan Cornelius said that berimbolo was a fad and that it doesn’t work against good competition… I’d love to hear your opinion about that!!

I guess it came from a time when it didn’t actually work. He could also be saying that with regards to heavyweights and above. There could be a lot of things and that could certainly stir things up especially for the berimbolo users! :laughing:

He received a lot of backlash from the community if I remember correctly. Keenan is a beast and a highly credible guy, but I think his comment about the berimbolo is not rooted in facts. I mean the Mendes and Miyao bros have proven how deadly it can be for a number of years now… even the newer BBs like Thalison Soares can still be super effective with the technique.

At the end of the day the berimbolo (like the other “fads” of today’s game) is just one tool in the toolbox. It will work if done with perfect technique/timing.

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Yeah i agree… i remember the flo team came up to levi jones leary after either pans or euros and asked him about what keenan said about berimbolo after he just berimbolod his way to a gold medal lol

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It’s just Keenan talking trash. He has no leg to stand on the topic unless he’s talking about the self defense aspect. But then that’s coming from a guy who made the Lapel Encyclopedia or whatever it’s called!

The nature of sports or pro BJJ allows it to work.

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