What’s your favorite sweep to hit from de la riva?

De La Riva has easily become the most popular open guard game to play, and it’s still effective and relevant in this day and age of competition jiujitsu. And as the sport has evolved, so have the sweeps. So, out of all of the sweeps you can pull off from de la riva, what’s you’re favorite one to hit in training and competition?

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I honestly haven’t hit DLR from competition. What I do hit in training is the Meregali DLR-X. It’s compatible with my lengthy limbs :laughing:

I use DLR as an entry to a single leg, or as a back take if my partner bases out. I love the DLR but with my short legs I can only do the position with a shallow hook, I don’t invert either so no fancy Miyao moves for me lol

I saw him hit that at Worlds, fantastic move! :call_me_hand:

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DLR has been something I’ve drilled consistently throughout the couple of years I’ve been practicing. The face plant is still one of the most effective things I follow through with. If that fails, I try standing for a single leg. But it’s draining AF!

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lol i agree… i find myself using it more to take a super quick break and figure out what needs to be done