What other Martial Arts have you seriously trained before?

What other Martial Arts have you seriously trained before and what made you go into them?

I was actually introduced to Martial Arts by my father in the middle east, since I grew up there and we pretty much didn’t have anything better to do :laughing: So instead of lazing around, he enrolled me in Karate.
Moo Duc Kwan was it’s name and ironically, it was named after a Korean art, yet maintained the Japanese content and Katas therein.

At the beginning it was indeed corny, but growing up I realized I took most of the discipline I gained from it and unknowingly applied it to my other pursues. I’d have to say Karate is an integral part of my inner peace, restraint, discipline and passion for art and sport in general. Its contents, although in the modern world is not entirely applicable – its essence is.

I actually reached a respectable level at that sport - Purple, then lost classmates and was left with one and discontinued it. Belts were only White, Green (Yellow for Kids), Purple, Brown, Black. I still credit some of my passing movements in jujitsu to this sport, some of which I took from the Katas, most especially the blocking and defensive movements. It’s truly something to appreciate when I ponder on it!

I did a lot of boxing in my college days and around a year of muay thai. Great martial arts imo, probably some of the most practical striking styles out there.

The first martial art that exposed me to a formal belt system is BJJ. Idk what it is but the moment I trained Jiujitsu I lost interest in the striking arts for some reason :sweat_smile:

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My first martial arts was Muay Thai. My friend invited me to try one session back in 2015 and I was immediately hooked. I started training 5x a week and eventually was put into advanced training so I can participate in national or local fights. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to compete because the company I work for did some major changes and my work load, relocation, and schedule made it impossible for me to train regularly.

During this time though, I was already training on and off in BJJ but still couldn’t commit to the class schedules. What I did transition to was boxing. My coaches were also professional boxers and they strictly and meticulously trained me on my speed, power, footwork, form, counter punches, you name it. I could say my striking exponentially improved from then on.

Eventually, I transferred to another department and had a much better work schedule. At this point, I was growing more and more inclined to MMA and realized I could train in BJJ regularly if I wanted to so I went ahead and did it. :blush:

My body hurts so so much from all the drills and open mats EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. but I’ve gotta say, all this “Jiu Jitsu saved my life” comments and captions is really starting to make sense now. I’m happy when I roll and I think I’m going to do this for a long time. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Me too, I think it’s because of the impact on the body. Jiujitsu is not only fun but is beneficial!

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Yessir, fun and beneficial in a lot of ways!

The older I get the more I lean towards the cerebral nature of BJJ. My body simply can’t keep up with the youngsters when it comes to striking, but with Jiujitsu I can still hold my own at the very least.

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