Unity Jiujitsu New York

Showering while rolling lol

Dillon and the Miyaos

The guys from this gym are animals! From what I understand, a lot of the founding members are from the Cicero Costha crew in Brazil, and it seems like they brought over the intensity to the US.

A lot of excellent guys train there as well, guys like the Miyao bros, Dillon Danis, Thalison Soares, Levi Jones Leary… even Eddie Cummings moved there a few months back. If I ever get to visit NY they are surely on my top 3 list of gyms to visit.

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I kinda cringed when they showered while rolling, but then I remembered that they didn’t have Philippine weather that would make them feel icky when they step out of the gym if they did that. :laughing:

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Yeah I was like wtf when I first saw the shower scene lol.