Training Quality over Training Quantity

What’s your look on how training should be done? Good quality training, but less training days per week. Or more training days per week, but they’re lower quality?

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Depends on how the term “quality” is being defined. Practice doesn’t make perfect, Perfect practice makes perfect. If you had been doing poor reps when drilling with white belts without an instructor then its pretty useless regardless of how much you do it. Quality always over quantity providing there is still some frequency of training.


If I have to choose between these 2 choices only, I’d go for the good quality training but less training days. I just think that it would be a bit of a waste of time, money, and effort if you regularly train but the training is low quality.

The latter would be okay I guess if you want to warm up the students towards the real deal training later on but if we’re talking formal training, I’d rather have quality over quantity.

Just my two cents. :blush:

I’d choose this as well. It’s no use going to more classes if I just roll for the sake of it. Mostly I aim rolling with a goal. But some days, you just wanna get in the gym and hang out there. (Sorry Coaches reading this!) :laughing:

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