Training both sides: What's your take?


I heard this from Marcelo as well, and it actually makes a lot of sense. I also have an asymmetrical game (mostly from lack of drilling both sides lol), The only attack that I can consistently hit from both sides are the RNC and Kimura, everything else I always go to my preferred side.

Do you guys agree with Danaher/Marcelo? What techniques can you consistently hit on both sides?


You know what, I totally agree with Danaher. I just recently watched Rory van Vliet’s training video on how to force your opponent on your strong side so you can execute your winning moves accordingly and I actually find it quite practical. :blush:


I agree as well… however, i feel comfortable doing most moves on both sides, but i always finding myself favoring one side over another with certain types of guards i like to play, in particular, squid guard and worm guard

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Yep the general rule is defensive movements need to be learned on both sides as it’s not your choice, but offense can be one side. This does not mean you can only attack one direction though! For example I will knee cut to my left side when passing, but if they are resisting I will long step or side smash to the right side to pass as a counter. I just need to be able to attack in multiple directions, whether its the same move or different moves doesn’t matter. Whatever is more comfortable for you.