Tips to get rid of Gi-Stink

We’ve all rolled with a guy (or girl) who had an appalling stench to their gi. It can seem that even frequent washing doesn’t quite get rid of that deep body odor residue.

What do you guys do to keep the stank down?..

Their stank I have no control over. But with their infection of my gi, I mentioned in this thread:

My specific answer:

I think a good tip is to never leave your gi inside the car/gym bag for hours. It becomes nasty real quick.

A good detergent and drying it in a sun lit area is really helpful, ymmv of course.

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+1 on this.

The moment you’re done using your gi, better to let it have some air if you can while bringing it home.
Some people just walk home or have a car – this would be plausible.

If you really need to pack it, because you are on a commute put it in a plastic bag. Where it won’t affect other clothes.

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