Motivation for Training

Hi Guys!

I have to admit that there are certain days when I don’t feel like training. It could be because I’m feeling sore from all those drills, or I’m kind of frustrated over a certain technique that I can’t get right, or I feel sorry for myself because I’m not as fast or as mentally sharp as the others and I embarrass myself sometimes when I space out.

Usually when this happens, I find that looking up motivational quotes from inspiring athletes help me remember why I started training in the first place. Out of the many lines that I have saved on my phone, this is the one that really strikes me the most:

“If size mattered, the elephant would be the king of the jungle.” - Rickson Gracie

I love this because Jiu Jitsu really brings out the best in everyone and you always have a fighting chance whether you’re a petite female against someone twice as big as you, or a handicapped person against someone who isn’t, everyone gets a fighting chance as long as you have the heart, the knowledge and proper execution of techniques, and the right attitude, you’ll get to your goals in no time.

If you’re the kind of person who goes through some apprehensions for reasons that may or may not be similar to mine, I’d love to know what you do to get right back on track.

What’s your motivation for training? It can’t hurt to have more than one source for that, right?

There’s 3 things I personally would do influence my motivation for training

Set a goal.

If I had a goal in mind, like a specific thing I want to accomplish and get done. I feel motivated and ultimately want to achieve my goal.
There can be several goals under this, what I would do is focus on one of the following:

  • Reach a specific position (and then work from there)
  • Land to finish a specific submission (then work from there)
  • Escape a position successfully (then work from there)
  • Defend a submission successfully (then work from there)

Light up the competitive fire

This usually is more than enough reason for me to keep training. If I have an upcoming competition, of course it would be futile if you just competed just to compete right? Your ultimate goal is to win, that is what competition is all about. Henceforth, all your actions in the following training sessions will help influence the outcome. It is up to you as well how to train your will to win.

Shut your mind and take that first step / Be a robot

Usually, the most difficult step is the first step. The step that would define whether you would keep going back to training. Getting up is already winning half the battle.

Hope this helps!

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I’d like to think of the “sucky days” as training for my mind. Jiu Jitsu can honestly be taxing so I always try to make the training fun.

I like to work on different parts of my game every time I step on the mats to keep everything fresh, an example of this is to just play guard on a particular day and don’t allow your partners to pass. Or maybe work on DLR the whole day and work on your sweeps. Little things like these help (at least personally) my mind with the usual grind.


I like how passionate and driven you are when it comes BJJ training! Just reading your post is enough to build up the hype from inside and get on those mats. Very motivational, indeed. Thanks @jiujatesu!

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So true with the last part. I mean, our bodies basically know what to do already, it’s really our minds that we have to condition and convince to make our body move in the first place. :sweat_smile: And yes, I believe training should be fun and enjoyable enough to make everyone come back for more. :grin:

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Your motivation for Monday. :blush:


This excerpt from Renzo’s documentary is absolutely amazing. I always go back to this when I need a boost in motivation :call_me_hand:

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