How do you wash your gi?

Do you guys have a method to the madness that is washing gis?

I simply throw it in the wash and hang them out to dry. No fabric conditioner, just basic liquid laundry detergent from the store.

I do soak it in vinegar once every month or so, but that’s pretty much it.

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We have the same routine. I throw it in the wash and air dry after. I made the mistake of using fabric conditioner and threw it in the hot dryer before when I didn’t know better. Thankfully, my Gi didn’t exhibit any signs of damage.

My biggest problem was that smell that came from dried up sweat and moisture from the mat and something else and it drove me really crazy! I experimented on different detergents but there was still a faint scent on it. Call me fussy but I really wanted my Gi to look and smell fresh every single time.

I recently discovered Tide Pods and so far I’m very satisfied. I’m not sure though if overtime it’s going to ruin my Gi since I’m not so familiar with its chemical composition.

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Yes! It seems to disappear once the gi is newly washed but the funk comes back hard once you get a sweat going. Super annoying!

I tried using a number of detergents but ultimately the only thing that worked is Oxiclean and things similar to it. I tried a Korean detergent that has similar properties to Oxiclean and it worked great. Much cheaper too.

Often I use foot massage and manual washing with my Gis if I do have time. More often than not we do all ahve similar method in washing gis. Makes me wonder, how thesse black belts wash theirs because all their gis look so brand new in the videos! Maybe because it is a brand new gi. :laughing:

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I’m having a nightmare with my white gis. They require so much care

Same here. Probably the main reason why I don’t use my white gi as much because it drives me crazy if it’s not immaculately white. :laughing: Luckily my gym hasn’t thought of implementing a white gi only policy yet so I can comfortably wear all the colored gis I want for now. :sweat_smile:

Although i’ve tried the vinegar technique. It’s just so hard to wash afterwards.

There’s this one that my teammate taught me:

  • Soak in vinegar
  • Freeze it for 15-30 minutes (Yes, freeze)
  • Defrost it
  • Wash it as usual

This removes any odors and makes your gi squeaky clean.
This works for Rash guards as well

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This is interesting. I haven’t heard of freezing the gi or rashguards before but I’ll note this for future reference. Just curious with the defrosting part, do you just leave it in the open air to defrost before washing or do you put it under lukewarm running water?

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I believe you can do both, just don’t rush it too fast or else the gi or the rash guard will break.

Maybe do the air for the first part, when the temperature settles a little bit then proceed with lukewarm.

This get rids of stubborn smells that is extremely hard to remove, of course our training partners don’t ever want that. :laughing:

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Freeze thing is interesting. I’ve never heard that before. I’ll definitely try it out once mine starts to stink.

I use a Dr. Beckmann’s on my white gis now. I’m trying to avoid using bleach but that seems to be were I’m going to end up.

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Soak it generously on Vinegar and for additional deodorizer (works like vinegar too) Baking Soda.

Give it a try and let me know!

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Interesting take on freezing the gi @jiujatesu, I might give that a go!

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What alternative product can you recommend if, say, you don’t want to use vinegar. I have a friend who squeezes a lemon on his clothes together with some baking soda and swears by it. Not sure if the properties of lemon can ruin the gi or not though. :thinking:

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I do the lemon thing to get blood stains out. It’s been working well on my white gis so far!

I’m kind of scared with the lemon method too but hey, vinegar works and @Jego swears by it as well. Give it a go!

So far, using the following can clean and deodorize almost anything, from shoes to bags:

  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Lemon (New one for me, will try soon)

Biggest thing for me is washing the gi as soon as possible. Right after training the first thing I do when I get home is put the gi in the wash, cold water, with detergent.

If the sweaty gi sits somewhere for a while before washing it seems like the funk sets in and it is a battle to get it out after that.


Yeah, nasty stuff! I bleach the gi when that happens, if that still doesn’t work then I consider it a lost cause lol