Has anyone tried meditation as part of their practice?

Hello Gold BJJ,

Curious if any of you have tried meditating either for BJJ directly or to complement the overall lifestyle?

I have tried a few apps such as Waking Up for mindfulness meditation - it seems to be helpful if you stick to it! Lol.

Has anyone else tried meditation before?

Hey JJL,

I struggled with meditating for a few years. I always wanted to and it was always on my list of daily goals. I had read about the benefits and knew that it was a smart thing to do, but I could just never turn it into a regular practice.

A few months ago I listened to this Tom Bilyeu podcast and immediately bought Emily’s book. I have not missed a day of meditation since reading her book and 75% of days I get two 15-minute sessions in.

A few things that resonated with me that I think helped me stick to it:

  1. There are many different types of meditation. The idea of trying to clear the mind is what most Americans think of as meditation (mindfullness) and it is both impossible and sets up the practitioners to feel like they are constantly failing. Changing that mindset and realizing that just taking the 15 minutes is an immediate win was huge.
  2. Exercise is not meditation. I love surfing and BJJ and explained away my failure to meditate by using the flow state achieved in those sports as my meditation. She argues that flow states are a great form of stress release but they are not accomplishing the same thing as a meditation practice.
  3. Meditation as a form of rest, recovery, and stress release. I am a pretty low key, low stress guy most of the time but I still really liked the ides of giving my body and brain an extra chance to rest and recover every day since I am usually not getting more than 6 hours of sleep a night.
  4. Left and right brain balance. She explains better than I could in the book and podcast, but in short, the left side of our brain (logical and analytical) gets way more work in modern society than the right side (artistic and creative). Science has shown that meditators have stronger connections between the two sides. That stuck with me.

In another post I can go into how I think a regular practice has helped me. I’ll cut this short before it gets too lengthy!

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In my previous topic I mentioned starting from a Karate Base and approach to martial arts in general and learnt a lot from it. We actually started our classes with meditation, at an early age i’ve had the pleasure of actually reaping the benefits of a clear and empty mind to do training. Hence, yes, I recommend meditation anywhere, everywhere, anytime. As long as you can keep your center, focus on nothing and think of nothing and let your surroundings flow. Preferrably, this would be better done in a relatively quiet environment, with just the birds buzzing, wind breezing and waves smashing on to the shore.


Does breathing exercises count? I did this all the time when I was in the office and about to punch someone in the face lol

For competition season, I do try to have 30ish minutes all to myself to reflect and “empty my mind” so to speak. It helps a lot with anxiety and pre comp butterflies imo.

I’d say breathing counts LOL. For me the goal is really to separate the feed of thoughts in my brain from what the actual experience is.

I know basic mindfulness uses the breath because its always ‘there,’ but I’m pretty sure anything can be a focus of meditation.


it does but that one is more leaning towards the conditioning part. whereas, pure meditation only focuses in emptying the mind and literally letting go of everything and acknowledging that everything exists and let everything be around you. For example, you hear a bird flying by, in meditation you do not think of this sound as a bird flying by, but just what it is — a sound of something passing by.

That is where meditation starts! Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Sorry if I come of a bit confident there, this actually helped me alot most especially in clearing my mind, being purely conscious.

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Nice analogy @jiujatesu. So that kind of meditation from my understanding goes beyond what you typically see, and is more in the lines of just letting things exist as they are. Very interesting!

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Yes! That is (for me and what i’ve learned) the essence of what meditation is. :slight_smile:

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