Hall vs Kron - Who do you got?

This is a cool matchup if it ever gets signed. Ryan Hall recently said that he wants to fight Kron down the line and I think it would be absolutely amazing for both guys. Two of the most technical BJJ guys in a cage fight is always a delight to see!

Ryan Hall (8-1) - The JiuJitsu Wizard who pretty much spearheaded the conceptual approach to BJJ learning almost a decade ago. While not as credentialed as Kron in BJJ achievements, he is considered one of the best minds in fighting and is also trained by one of the best in the MMA game - Firas Zahabi. His recent win over Darren Elkins is a testament to his growth in MMA and should be given a bigger test in his next fights.


Kron Gracie (5-0) - ADCC champion and son of the legendary Rickson Gracie. Kron continues the Gracie legacy with his aggressive approach to fighting and is currently undefeated in MMA. Kron trains alongside the Diaz boys (he also does triathlons with them based on his IG), meaning that his hands and cardio will undoubtedly be on point come fight time. He is scheduled to fight Cub Swason this October.

I love seeing BJJ guys do well in MMA and these 2 are some of the best. But if these guys ever fight each other who do you think will win?

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Ugh, I love them both! Both are very outstanding grapplers but I want Kron to win in this dream match up. :icecream::icecream::icecream:

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Well @Sky we are now enemies, I want Ryan Hall to win. I think he has better striking, wrestling, and leg locks. I gotta say Ryan takes this in a fight.


Have you seen the Tonon v Kron fight way back? I mean Kron’s resolve is close to no other. Growing up and literally LIVING FOR jiujitsu has it’s intangible benefits. MMA aside i’d really wanna go for Kron. But It will still boil down to both going for submission because neither of them has got any sort of knock out power.

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For me that was Garry’s breakout match. He did not win against Kron but he showed that he had all the tools to be one of the best. I actually think that at least at this moment, Tonon has shown more potential if I am to compare him against Kron’s MMA growth - dynamic striking, good takedowns and a killer back/leg game.

That’s another fantasy match up that I’d like to see down the line :slight_smile:


I don’t disagree with you. I think Ryan Hall is a more experienced fighter but Kron’s also as determined as ever and I’m just saying this is going to be a very interesting fight if ever it’s gonna happen. But yeah let’s give that 6-0 for Kron. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::v:t5:

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:laughing: I’m loving the back and forth in this.

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Come on don’t stay on the sidelines. Who you got? :grin:

MMA Setting Hall. Jiujitsu, with all of Kron’s experience I actually think it will still be a stalemate. :smiley: