GOLDBJJ Courses: Beginner's Game Theory for BJJ Megathread

Hi All,

Starting off and watching this course Beginner’s Game Theory for BJJ

Let’s hear your input with regards to the Topics discussed. As we go along we can break it down and discuss each sub-category under each Main Topic.

Further, we can also shared our input with a certain template (as always):

  • Actual experience from competition.
  • Epiphany / Solution after experience. (Things you realized wayyy after competition)
  • Etc… (WIll add more)

We’re going to break it down for each and let’s see how far we go!

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Lesson Title:

Offensive Output: Get Busy Attacking or Get Busy Losing

Top Preference: Following the Numbers

Control vs Submissions: Minimizing Risk or Maximizing Payoffs

Guard Passing: The Turning Point in Any Match

Playing the Meta: Building a Game to Crush Fellow Beginners

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I thought this course was really interesting, and there were some pretty counterintuitive findings! We’re thinking about doing an “applications of game theory” follow-up in our studio with some breakdowns of the subs/techniques Louis found actually work in white/blue belt tournament brackets.

At the very least, it will make you think twice before going for triangles in a beginner or intermediate level tournament :laughing:

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I found this course to be honestly enlightening. I’ve had the exact if not similar experience when it came to all that was explained. The numbers do add up and make sense when you think about it. Based on my experience, most of what he discussed actually happened and looking back – now I can compare the numbers to the experience!

Can’t wait for the “Application of Game Theory” course! @Cole