Gold BJJ: Dean Lister's Leg Lock System - Setting up the Doorstep

I was browsing the available videos on the site and decided to watch Dean Lister’s Leg Lock system. I’d expect nothing but the best from Dean but the video really exceeded my expectations! One nugget that particularly struck me is the Doorstep technique (found in “Setting up Leg Locks” part of the series).

The Doorstep is a simple yet highly useful tweak to setting up the straight ankle lock. I am one of those guys who’d lean towards the side but still keep the ashi garami position when attacking the foot, and what I’ve noticed is that a lot of times my partners would just push my foot down and pass at the top side. The Doorstep might just be what I’m looking for to improve my setups lol

Awesome video overall. There are a lot of other cool techniques as well, the presentation is clean and the instruction is world class. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in leg locks! :call_me_hand:

@ymas108 hey Mel, glad you enjoyed Dean’s leg lock series! I’ve been using the doorstep setup a ton. I like how it naturally flows into a knee slice pass if your opponent is aggressively defending their legs.

@Cole Yes you are correct. Works really well with the knee slice. :slight_smile: