Getting back to training after a break or hiatus?

Hello everyone!

I’m Jates, and it is a pleasure to share my experiences, insights and of course – questions here in GOLD BJJ

I want to kick off this topic by sharing my current experience. Since August 2018, I had to focus more on being at home and being a hands-on Dad for our first offspring. Having said that, I usually find it easy to recondition my body after a layoff of some sort. May it be an injury, a business trip (which I usually get to train still somehow), a family event to name a few.

But of course, compared to my previous experiences having a baby relying on you, in frequency can indeed erase time for self-sustaining exercises even when you get home straight from the office. Insert chores like washing dishes, taking out the trash, and others.

Please note that I’ve been (or at least tried to be) an athlete my whole life. Represented my school in basketball in High School and in College as an Athletic-Scholar. Even tried Muay Thai for a year before finally discovering JiuJitsu.

My question is this: How do you get back to training after a break/hiatus from training and getting back to a competitive level at least? (I really love competing) Do you start with your diet? Do your start by making more time and how? It can be really difficult, this this applies to injury-induced situations.

We’re going to have an in-house competition soon. A sort of fun and friendly competition within the belts and your input can really help!

Excited to hear your take on this!

I’ve had to stop training on 3 separate occasions.

My most recent break was Jan-Feb this year because I needed to do more studying. When I can back in March, my mind was moving at a pace my body couldn’t keep up with.
I tried keeping up with a brown belt and broke my finger. I left it alone and kept training and now this finger is just permanently broken. In April I injured some cartilage in my rib, but that luckily healed without a problem. In May, my left knee was audibly clicking and, even though I went light on it, it popped during a light drill. Probably a bruised meniscus but, I’m told it isn’t a year.

If I had accepted that my body wasn’t as strong coming back, slowed down and just allowed things I couldn’t catch up with, I would be in better shape now.

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Hi @Jego

Those injuries are definitely part of Jiu Jitsu. You know how people all over the world joke around about being diagnosed by the doctor with having a bad injury yet all we ask the doctor is: “So can I train later doc?” I guess we are all just determined to get on the mats!

I think your body is still as strong as you think it is, just need to notch it back a little bit. Hoping my two cents helps a little bit! :slight_smile:

Situational rolls work best for me. Like starting the roll in half guard and the goal is either to sweep or submit. Of course you choose the position to start and off you go. Do this for a couple of rounds to work out the mat rust.

It gets you back in the groove of things, and is a good way of slowly easing your body back into the usual grind.

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Love this tip! I’ll get on this one. My body just doesn’t respond the same as before I stopped training. What a bummer indeed!