Future BB superstars

It is commonly believed that if you win the major tournaments at purple/brown (Mundials, Pans, Brasilieros), chances are you are going to be a force once you get to black belt. This is true for some of the most successful BB of today.

That said, who do you think will make a big spash on the BB scene once they get promoted to that rank? Off the top of my head here are 3 guys who fit the bill perfectly:


Matheus Lutes (brown) - Marcelo Garcia’s monster brown belt world champ has been tearing up the scene for years. How he isn’t a black belt yet I have no idea lol.


Roberto Jimenez (brown) - I first saw Roberto in Flograppling’s purple belt world championships coverage in which he won the division. He is a back taking machine and one of Alliance’s most promising prospects.

Nicky Ryan (purple) - A kid that trains with the Squad is sure to become an absolute monster in the years to come. He recently earned his spot in the 2019 ADCC World Championships, beating some of the best nogi grapplers in the US.

I agree with all of your choices. My former teammate now lives in NYC and trains under Marcelo. He is also now a purple belt there. I guess MG’s standard of teaching and training truly is world class in a way that only the main branch gyms can do. I mean, training under MG directly truly is something. He gets a sort of special attention just because he is also a PT and helps the black belts there probably in return they constantly roll with and train with him.

Nicky and Matheus! MONSTROS!!!

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Wow that’s awesome! His skill will surely jump a few levels training with Marcelo and his team! Nice work leveraging his PT skills to get more attention from the BBs too!

Yeah! He started out as a 1 stripe blue belt here with us. The attention of the BB’s definitely, always make an impact. Also he got gold in Master’s Worlds recently in his division, and another one I think at another IBJJF event. Having said that, clearly it is beneficial to train DIRECTLY with BB’s rather than just learning from youtube with them.


Nice, good job on the Master’s gold! Yes you are right, learning from someone directly vs watching someone from afar really is different. Both have benefits but learning directly from guys like Marcelo and Paul Schreiner will turn you into a beast real quick.

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