First time you tried a move and it worked

Do you have stories of moves you pulled off successfully the first time you did it in rolling/competition?

I rolled nogi last Sunday and got stuck in my partner’s lazy half guard (more like a quarter guard really). He didn’t get the underhook or at least made a frame for some reason, so I nonchalantly stepped over (I never did this) and attempted a kneebar for the hell of it. He scrambled and attempted to escape but got caught in an ankle lock mid transition.

I thought it was kinda cool lol. The next round he proceeded to smash me in bottom side control the whole round :sweat_smile: .How about you guys, any story similar to this?

That sounds like a sick scramble @ymas108!

I do remember the first sweep I EVER hit was a scissor sweep. Prob 2 months into BJJ.

Tangent anecdote:
It was funny, I was drilling scissor sweeps years later with an older purple belt, very legit grappler. He literally said “Yeah I’ve never hit this live”… made me realize just how different everyone’s BJJ game is. What a great art to train.

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The scissor sweep feels great when pulled off perfectly. The body just moves to the side and you hear a thump right after lol.