EBI By the Numbers: Infographic

It’s amazing how the RNC is leagues above the other submissions even in a sub only environment like EBI. I was honestly expecting heelhooks at the #1 spot, but it is still a widely effective sub at #2.

It’s no coincidence that the Danaher guys are absolutely masters with the RNC and heelhook, no wonder they dominated this rule set for as long as they did.

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These numbers don’t seem to distinguish between regulation time finishes and over time finishes. Armbar wouldn’t be that high otherwise.

Armbar is pretty high percentage in gi and ibjjf comps. I would attribute that to collecting points and mount being a better form of control in that format. It seems very telling that mount is a less used control position in nogi and submission only matches.

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Exactly, some sub only dudes even allow you to mount them with no resistance at all lol

I mean, fundamentally I think RNC is almost close to impossible to defend most especially when the body lock (not the hooks) are in. You’re literally fighting to prevent being deprived of air OR strangled (as Danaher would say). This is why it is indeed classified as the deadliest submission in competition.


Yes, you are absolutely correct. It is the king of submissions like what most black belts say :call_me_hand:

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