Do you purposely NOT use a technique when you train/compete?

I rarely do heelhooks. It’s not allowed in most competitions I compete in so I don’t put too much time in learning the technique. I prefer the straight ankle lock over it for some weird reason.

I also prefer the omoplata over the triangle. The only time I use the triangle is when I train with people much smaller than me (I have short legs so I sometimes have trouble locking in the sub lol).

How about you guys? Are there certain techniques that you rarely do or don’t do at all?

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In training I try to just implement what was drilled. Contrary to popular practice I don’t YouTube most of the tech I use. I’ve got a great coach, I’ll use what he gives me.

I prepare specific subs for comp until they just stop being a stupid idea to try and are just part of my arsenal.


I think there will be a handful of moves people get good with and you will always go back to, and many others you should give a try with.

When I train, I usually just follow the techniques the head coach wants me to do. But aside from that, I also watch online training videos and see if I can sneak in and implement some of those moves in the open mats session after the class. I used to go on Youtube to watch these vids but I find that the courses on Gold BJJ Online Training is better, so far. :blush:


I don’t chase subs in competition. I find it safer, more reliable, and more satisfying to apply pressure, push the pace and grind the opponent down from top position. It’s far easier to submit someone once you’ve broken their cardio and taken their wind. That being said, I’ve only gotten one submission out of all my matches at blue belt. However I did win on points in a good number of matches, and that was the ruleset so…:man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

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Yup that’s a solid tactic. I do that to guys who are notoriously hard to submit. Just get the mount, chill for a minute or two, then attack. :sweat_smile: