Did you pattern your game after someone else's?

Do you guys pattern your game (or parts of your game) after popular BJJ personalities? I do and I have done so for a couple of years now. I still emphasize the techniques taught by my coach but it’s fun to branch out every now and then. Off the top of my head these are the things that I do and where I got it from:

Guillotine and butterfly guard - I basically copy Marcelo’s transitions (with 10x worse technique)

Side control attacks - A lot of the things that I do in this position are from an old Cesar Gracie Nogi DVD.

Leg attacks - I do a super simplified version of Danaher’s leg attacks

I like to pattern my game with those that have similar extremities as me.

So instead of studying Marcelo Garcia, i should probably start studying more Keenan Cornelius, Nicholas Meregali, Fernando Terere and the sort. But mind you, the ones I’ve mentioned have extremely complex games.

Goodluck to me! Hahaha!

An amazing list of guys to pattern your game after!

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