Are you planning to do MMA?

I am still primarily a BJJ guy but I have been training MMA for the past 3 years. While I find a lot of cool benefits in training MMA (it improved my scrambles a ton!), I only do it for training purposes - I don’t think I’ll ever fight in MMA, especially with my age and injuries.

How about you guys?

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I’m still a firm believer that you have to be a little bit crazy to do MMA. Not bad crazy, but just have that relentless mindset to keep pushing.

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Yeah man, MMA is no joke!

Even at the amateur level I see a lot of crazy wars from newer guys.

I would love to try MMA. It’s pretty scary and exciting at the same time and I’m open to doing it someday. :blush:

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I think MMA is very difficult. I started out Muay Thai before then fell in love with Jits, why? Because less injuries or less impact on the body. Having said that I don’t think i’d plan to fight now that I fell in love with a flowy yet deadly sport. :slight_smile: Not that punching another in the face is flowy at all! :laughing:


I grappler like you will have a huge advantage if ever you decide to pull the trigger and fight! I had a female friend who is into Judo and she did very well in her first ammy match. She didn’t even train much lol.

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Wow, you must have had some pretty intense sparring partners in Muay Thai. The only injuries that I’ve ever incurred during my Muay Thai days were some bruises and sprains on my wrist.

In BJJ though, I’ve seen a lot of my friends get a black eye and serious arm and leg fractures that ended up with them sporting casts and using crutches or triangular bandages. :sweat_smile: That’s why I don’t partner up with a fellow newbie white belt that often during open mats. I feel less prone to injuries if I roll with the colored belts. But that’s my experience here. :grin:

Hopefully I’ll be confident enough with my grappling skills as I do with my striking skills and possibly take this little combat sports hobby to the next level. :blush:

Incurred the same injuries, bruises mainly no sprains. It’s just that when your gym is loaded with amateur with professional teammates who would “play” with you, most especially when your muay thai sparring partner is part of the Muay Thai Association of the Ph, really it is futile to pursue this sport when most people dedicate their lives to. As compared to me, who is ultimately a corporate worker 1st, a jiujitsu practicioner 2nd. :laughing:

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Aww well that’s not so nice. People who hard spar during a play spar are quite exhausting. I feel you. We corporate slaves gotta preserve what we can to enjoy more of the things we love. :smile:

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Actually, they’re not bullies just naturally strong and i’d be more than willing to let them be what they are and me be the aspirant jiujitsu guy that I am. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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I got into MMA a bit after I started BJJ.

I took a fight a little too early, I was a blue belt in gi, but was at another MMA school that had questionable coaching.

I got beat up a lot in practice, I now know they weren’t training properly, and I got my ass kicked in the first fight.

I switched schools because I still really wanted to fight and found a legit coach, I did win my next fight about 10 months later, and was in the mode of “chasing it”… although I didn’t really plan to fight pro.

Flash forward and I’m at a new school prepping for my third fight. Two weeks out a training partner cracked me hard with small gloves just right, and gave me a concussion.

It messed me up for 30 days. I had 2 job interviews lined up that I bungled because I couldn’t hold a conversation.

I realized deep down during those 30 days that there is a steep cost for participation in competitive striking. It hit me harder than it had in the past when reading about CTE in football etc.

I decided that I didn’t want to get hit, and to be honest, I didn’t want to put another guy through what I went through, which was VERY MINOR in the scheme of what can go wrong in MMA.

Realistically, to be serious at all in MMA you have to have the desire to hurt the guy… thats the goal of the sport. I guess it’s just not there for me like it was.

I strictly grapple now, I may casually strike in the future, but will not be competing again. I don’t have time to be that good at both striking and grappling, and I don’t have the neurons to waste on an activity that I will never even be good enough to get paid to do.

Even at the amateur level, to be any good you have to commit to it like a pro.

Just my 2 cents…


very limited MMA experience but I did fight twice and tbh it was enough for me.

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Appreciate you sharing this! I felt that… I cracked my own knuckle during a basketball game cause I was too pissed at the referee, and punched the plastic bench hard (first time to happen in my life btw, was never a hot tempered guy) this was weeks before my first amateur Muay Thai match which i’ve been training for a whole straight year.

Oh well. Cow dung happens. :laughing:

The concussion story is what I fear the most when training MT and boxing. Even now with what science discovered about CTE and all that.

Reminds me of Joe’s 1199 episode:

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