Any good ideas for grip training?

Strengthening the grip is one of the least talked about areas of BJJ training in my opinion. As a guy who primarily trains in the gi, I can definitely tell if my grips are not conditioned for a long day of training.

I am not an expert on S&C but it seems like heavy kettlebell training has a lot of carryover to strengthening one’s grip. I read some guys do things like pinching plates but I haven’t tried that to be honest.

I’d like to know how you guys do it :smile:

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I’ve seen the guys at my gym do a variety of pull ups from the basic bar to when they hang a gi up there and grab it by the collar as they pull themselves up.

As for myself, my upper body strength is not that remarkable yet to do bar pull ups so I just use the TRX suspension band and do like a row-pull up thing. I don’t know what it’s called exactly. Sorry. :sweat_smile:


Yeah I’ve seen videos of that. I think it’s a great way to improve your grips, very functional!

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Pull ups, rows, and overhead presses.

Anything upper body that is push-pull will work grip.

You can do farmers carries, but if you aren’t rowing and doing pull ups I wouldn’t waste your time.

If you can do deadlifts (or variations), or power cleans, those are good for grip as well

If you can’t do 10-12 strict pull ups with bodyweight, your grip probably isn’t good enough to do specific grip isolation training.

Grip isolation is okay in small doses at the end os a workout— but most gripping in BJJ occurs in the context of pushing or pulling, and therefore I don’t see a huge point in not combining a grip with a row or push when training.

I appreciate the tips @jiujitsu.lifts , great points on what you said above.