ADCC World Championships 2019

We are a few months away from the Olympics of grappling, and it should be a good one! Now that the invites are out, who are your favorites going into the tourney? Here are some of mine:

Men -66kg - I’d have to give it to Cobrinha even at this stage of his career. The man simply doesn’t age like the rest of us.

Men -77kg - Vagner Rocha has been on a tear and it would be awesome to see him win. Dillon winning the division will be awesome to see too lol.

Men -88kg - Josh Hinger’s first run at the ADCC, I hope he does well.

Men -99kg - Gordon Ryan (if he is healthy that is)

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That man is a chef. So the benefit of complete control over his time, diet and training regimen. That man is an embodiment of the lifestyle of jiujitsu.

Gordon Ryan bro… I’m sorry, but i’d have to say, Unstoppable.

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Yeah man, I want him to lose at times but he is just too good.

Saw this collage from the ADCC Facebook page. I thought it was cool so I added them here :slightly_smiling_face:

Lachlan Giles cooking up a storm and bringing it to ADCC 2019!

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