ADCC Picks and favourites

Getting to know some of the names in high level competition can be difficult as we are fortunate to have so many now.
The article features a pretty comprehensive profile of who’s competing.

As for my picks, I’m going
66kg - Musumeci
77kg - Nicky Ryan (but I want Vagner to win)
99kg - Gordon Ryan
+99kg - Kaynan Duarte

60kg - Ffion Davies
+60kg - don’t know much about this division, but Garcia is a different beast. So I’m going with her.

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Very solid list man. Yeah I want either Vagner (I have his 50/50 of the arms set and it is excellent) or JT to win 77kg. I’ve always wondered why ADCC only has 2 weight classes for the females. It seems like the talent is more than enough to put on more divisions.

I agree with all of your guy picks mainly because I am not well informed on the female scene!

Musumeci in NoGi is something I haven’t seen. But Nicky, Craig and Gordon are my sure bets. Kaynan will always have an edge, although his style is close to his coach Galvao and don’t usually end up in submission. I can expect him to win, but not by subs.